Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region

RDA LUR is an agency that supports economic, social, and cultural activities in the 26 municipalities of the Central Slovenian Region. We aim to make the Region a friendly and distinguishing whole with common goals. We provide recognisable and quality projects in the area of regional development. Regional Creative Economy Centre (henceforth RCKE; is an office within the Agency that supports the development of the creative sector at the regional level. That is grounded on the Regional development programme (RRP LUR), a strategic document, in which the creative sector is particularly emphasised as a sector most relevant for the economic and social development of the region. One aspect of supporting the development of the creative economy at the regional level has always been a spatial policy aspect, that is to say linking the creative sector with the question of urban regeneration. It could be claimed that RCKE has been a front runner in terms of dealing with the creative urban regeneration related issues at the regional level.