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Located in Northern Italy, Lombardy region has almost 10 million inhabitants, spread over a total area of about 24,000 sq km, one of the most important Italian regions. Lombardy is a dynamic and competitive region, thanks to its geographical position and to the initiative of its inhabitants. The territory of Lombardy presents highly attractive natural beauty, enhanced by a cultural and artistic heritage of great value. A series of indicators shows the vitality of the economic system in Lombardy: the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents 20% of the national. The economic system focuses primarily on small and medium enterprises, but strengthened also by the presence of large industrial groups. Lombardy result to be in third place, in the ranking of the top 25 European regions for the number of people employed in the cultural and creative clusters, more than 4% of total. The key areas of the field of cultural and creative enterprises in the region are in particular • Design: fashion design and industry: 26.6% of the volume of national activity; architectural firms: 11.6% of the volume of national activity. • Fashion: 10 manufacturing districts in Lombardy (more than 15% of the national total) with more than 5.6 million employees (31% of those employed in the industry at the national level)