Project name Shifting tourism demand beyond traditional centres and areas
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The high influx of tourists causes overpopulation, congestion, and it also leads to inflationary prices of land and real estate, as well as goods. The overabundance of tourists makes it impossible for the locals to live, and in the future it could happen that these towns and villages will end up being only empty open-air museums.
Most natural areas are delicate and are easily damaged. If the number of visitors remains too high, it could lead to the damage of the charm that brought them to the area in the first place. The natural environment is damaged around the popular walking trails. Visitors' irresponsible behaviour can lead to fires, disturb wildlife, and creates pollution. The intangible heritage can be at risk as well. There is a real danger of degradation and excessive commercialisation of traditions and different lifestyles which can lead to their authenticity and value being destroyed.
Results The project aims at shifting the demands made by tourism beyond the traditional centres and areas by creating new products and extending the existing offer.
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Partners requested Leading partner, countries and regions that suffer from the same problem
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