Reef 2W held a Conference at Ecomondo Fair

On 5th November 2019, the Lead Partner ENEA held a Conference  in Rimini (Italy), within the frame of the Green Technology Expo "Ecomondo".

The workshop aimed to discuss about the energy potential of the waste and wastewater sector to stimulate policy makers to re-evaluate the approach at its management. INTERREG REEF 2W project intend to provide a Tool able to develop potential scenarios for maximizing the energetic efficiency of the treatment plants and the recovery and reuse of the energy produced.

Organic waste and wastewater treatment still represent e relevant energetic consumption in the EU. 3.5% of the EU’s electricity consumption is related to sanitation treatments. To this value, it is necessary to add the energetic consumptions related to the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes that represent another 0.5% of the total electric energy consumption in Europe. Improving energy efficiency therefore represents an opportunity to lower operational costs and carbon footprint of these sectors.

We publish below the slides of the speakers, downloadable for free by following the links: