We pressed Saint Martin’s messages on T-shirts and bags

Author: Emese Nánási, Mindspace

During Ars Sacra Festival, thanks to a fortune constellation of Mindspace, Inner City Parish Church and Verkstaden, we co-designed and hand-printed Saint Martin ‘statement’ T-shirts and bags.

The 2 days-workshop aimed to refresh our knowledge and connection to Saint Martin, and related values, memories and legends. During the sharing of some factual, mystical and personal stories, participants took notes and made sketches, by which they filtered and reworded what the 4th-century humanitarian values mean in their everyday life. Everyone had a part in the creation the final design, someone helped with symbols, another person draw, or added some words or extra details. After this we all learnt silk screen printing, an old-fashioned technique used by Verkstaden. We purposely used second-hand T-shirt and cotton bags, to promote environmental consciousness as well. 

szita csoport

Participants varied from teenagers to pensioners, but they all happily returned home with their self-made clothing and accessory. There is something really lifting in creating something in teamwork. Surely participants could give you lengthy explanation about synergies between sacredness and everyday life, self-reinforcement and the meaning of their T-shirt pattern at any time.

szita 2

The workshops were held at the Inner City Parish Church, in Budapest, on 20 and 21 of September, 2018.