What’s on the tv? Saint Martin in the Veneto Region!


At the beginning of October, the staff of Unpli Veneto went to Vittorio Veneto (TV), to join the web show “La Tenda TV”, in order to present his work about Saint Martin in the Veneto Region.


La Tenda Tv is a special web channel that want to promote the events, the projects and the culture of the province of Treviso and it took part to our meetings at the beginning of our path in the NPA project. For us, taking part to one of its shows was an amazing way to promote our works, especially about Saint Martin.

Speakers in this occasion were our President, mr Giovanni Follador, Simone Giotto, our PM, mrs Elena Rocco and Giovanna De Apollonia of Radio Magica and Marco Zabotti, director of Istituto Beato Toniolo. During the shooting, we presented our projects, the Talking Map of Saint Martin in Veneto and the website www.sanmartinoinveneto.it.

After this experience, we asked our President Giovanni Follador his feelings about the interview. Read what he said!

Q. Mr Follador, in this last month the staff of Unpli Veneto presented the Talking Map of Saint Martin and the new website about Saint Martin and his heritage. What do you think about these products?

A. I’m really satisfied of the work of Unpli Veneto. We did our best to create something that could be interesting and could involve the venetian population. Last but not least, I’m happy that a lot of Pro Loco decided to work with us in this project.

Q. How did the Pro Loco get involved in the project?

A. They are in the group of the stakeholders that helps us to take decision and some of them hosted the team of Radio Magica to let it know the heritage linked to Saint Martin of their cities. Now, the Pro Loco are promoting the website and the Talking Map.

Q. About the Talking Map..which is your favorite video?

A. I appreciate all the videos, but if I have to choose, I'd say the one about Col San Martino, because I grew up in a village nearby, and I used to see couples going there to pray and ask a blessing. It was particularly meaningful to see this tradition portrayed in a video, in such an original way.