The XXI Century Albenga’s Pilgrim Started His Journey 


The promotion of the Via Sancti Martini as an element able to link countries and different cultures across Europe through the direct contact and exchanges among people with the aim of sharing Saint Martin’s values is at the centre of one of the initiatives of the Albenga’s Pilot Action: the XXI Century Pilgrim and the Via Sancti Martini.


Sergio Giusto, the Albenga’s Pilgrim, is undertaking again Saint Martin’s journey by walking from Szombathely back to Albenga. On his way, Sergio will meet all the NPA partners and will act as the Ambassador of Albenga’s in the attempt of paving the way to establish an international network of Saint Martin Schools, with pupils and young students of partner countries working together to revive Saint Martin’s spiritual legacy. And then, all the people he is meeting and will meet during his walk across Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. A unique human experience: sharing with then a smile, a piece of walk, a warm dinner …


Sergio will also mark out the leg of the journey between Pavia and Albenga, so that this can become fully enjoyable to pilgrims.At the end of the journey, an interactive map illustrating the Albenga’s branch of the Via Sancti Martini (Pavia – Albenga) will be also developed along with a local Saint Martin’s itinerary aimed at valorising the local cultural heritage linked to Saint Martin.

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