On the Plateau of the 7 Municipalities, 15 minutes away from Asiago, there are the remains of an ancient village of the Venetians of the Iron Age. An unique site that testifies how our ancestors lived. NEA archeologia Soc. Coop. is the manager of the Seven Municipalities Archaeological Museum and of the archaeological area of Bostel di Rotzo. The archaeological area has an extraordinary potential that can attract a wide range of visitors: tourists, families, simple onlookers. In Bostel you can take a journey through time, immerse yourself in a community of 2500 years ago, wander among the rebuilt huts; ask for information to the potter or blacksmith in flesh and blood, the village chief or the weaver; eat typical foods of the time in the 'tavern' or have a picnic on the terraced plateau; wear a viewer and find yourself in the middle of the fire that once destroyed the settlement. You can spend a day with your family (or with your school group) surrounded by history and archeology. 

Their goal is to create a mix of cultural and archaeological aspects (open and visitable excavations, museum exhibits, archaeological-experimental reconstructions, reenactments), technological aspects (virtual and augmented reality) and convivial aspects (food and wine, workshops for children/teens, picnic / barbecue areas, leisure areas etc.) involving, where possible, also the local community.

So far thanks to self-financing, they managed to bring life to this site by reconstructions of “living history” and virtual reality, but their dream is to make it a recognized tourist destination for families and school groups.

To make this happen, under the support of the ARTISTIC project, as part of the launched crowdfunding campaign, they raise funds for security structures, special needs access facilities, workshop for children, picnic areas and barbecue pits to transform a visit into a full day of fun and activities.

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