Public transport optimization with AI

KORDIS JMK, company coordinating public transport in South Moravia (CZ), did a Feasibility study concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence for automatic anomaly detection system in their operation. 

The technical part of the feasibility study is dealing with the analysis of the use of artificial intelligence elements in the monitoring and control system of the Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region (IDS JMK). The goal of artificial intelligence tools (AI) is to detect and localize uncommon traffic conditions in the South Moravian Region in real time, i.e. to detect anomalies compared to defined timetables.

The study is shortly introducing existing traffic monitoring and control systems of IDS JMK, defining anomaly detection and giving some examples of different anomalies, and making a concept of anomaly detection system in IDS JMK.

This interesting reading shows us how public transport can be optimized and run smoother, for the benefit of all passengers.