Cross-border Action Plans

The project TRANS TRTTIA will improve knowledge, coordination among freight transport stakeholders in the topic of multimodal environmentally-friendly freight transport systems on border regions of three European states PL – SK – CZ – Tritia territory. The main objective of the project is to improve local and regional management, introduce more accurate information and specific proposals of solutions in both vertical and horizontal coherence for more economic and environmentally-friendly freight transport in Central Europe. 

The main objective of the cross-border Action Plans is to present infrastructure project that will allow the implementation of strategic assumptions related to the development of multimodal transport on the Poland – Slovakia (PL/SK), Poland – Czech Republic (PL/CZ), Czech Republik Slovakia (CZ/SK) borders in relation to the entire TRANS TRITIA area.

The cross-border projects focus on:
a) reduce lag of remains behind in comparison with the other areas of these countries,
b) increase of the pace of development of mutual economic relations,
c) support for the advantages of European integration for cross-border areas,
d) designing an optimal environmentally friendly transport system,
e) review and completion of TEN-T.

Action plan presents projects with high and medium priority, their budgets as wel as owners and entities responsible for their implementation. The organizational projects shown in the strategy for the development of multimodal transport and bottleneck analysis resulting from the model analysis are complementary. The basis for presenting and prioritizing the projects were the strategic assumption contained in the White Paper, strategic goals for the development of multimodal transport in the TRANS TRITIA area, the model and scenarios of transport developmen in the TRANS TRITIA area and action plans in various modes of transport.

The main objective of WP.T1 is to provide TRITIA Regional Multimodal Freight Transport Strategy and the multimodal freight transport cross - border action plans indicating the execution of given strategic projects. Each of the projects will have an indicative budget, implementing the body and organisations responsible for particular projects. The project making on the border areas focus on:

a) reduce the lag of remains behind in comparison with the other areas of these countries
b) increase of the pace of development of mutual relations economic
c) support of using border areas effects of European integration
d) designing of optimal environmentally friendly transport system
e) review and completion of TEN-T.