TRITIA is a ‘European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation’ in which three regions of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic cooperate. Important roads and corridors cross its territory and with the TRANS TRITIA project the EGTC and other partners want to make transport networks, multi-modal logistic centres, and environmentally-friendly freight transport in their border territory more effective. To this end, the project improved information, planning and coordination among regional authorities, administrators and freight transport stakeholders. 

Multi-aspect screening analyses and forecast analyses of multimodal transport systems and logistic centres in area were carried out. In addition, forecasts and recommendations were drafted. Specific focus was on the analysis and forecast of the intermodal water corridor ODRA as an important transport way that connects the TRITIA area to the TEN-T network. A new method for setting up economic and environmentally- friendly freight transport in the TRITIA border areas was developed. This digital interactive platform provides various scenarios for freight transport in the area with forecast to up to year 2030.   

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