Action Plans and Pilot Actions

CULTURECOVERY puts heritage into practice!

Through our Action Plans, we foster the promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage at a local and regional level. Each project partner compiled a tailor-made Action Plan for the ecomuseums within their purview. The Action Plans outline the actions needed to reach our common objective: to sustainably preserve immaterial cultural heritage in Central Europe.

Selected actvities within the Action Plan are designated as Pilot Actions. These demonstrate how our strategies and measures, and the expertise of our partners, contribute to reaching our goal. The use of storytelling tools and creative industries, the participation of locals and the integration of stakeholders of all ages exemplify just how diverse cultural heritage - and the approaches to preserve it - can be! The Pilot Actions strongly focus on the practical implementation of activities for the benefit of local communities.

Action Plans and Pilot Actions:

Click on one of the ecomuseums listed below to find out more about its Action Plan and Pilot Action.

Municipality of Cervia, Italy

DELTA 2000 Consortium, Italy

Ecomuseum of Argenta's Valley

Ecomuseum of Deer and of the Mesola Forest

Ecomuseum of Aquatic Plants

Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency, Hungary

The Balaton Ecomuseum (planned)

Municipality of Pivka, Slovenia

Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka

Association-Ecomuseum House of Batana, Croatia

Ecomuseum House of Batana

Municipality of Mošćenička Draga, Croatia

Ecomuseum Mošćenička Draga

Rural Development Agency of Styria, Austria

Styrian Cultural Heritage Network

Lake Velencei Development Nonprofit Company, Hungary

Tőserdő Pálinka House Museum and Culture Factory (TPH)

Agency of Regional Development Bielsko-Biała, Poland