Bergamo as first Italian City with a fully electric bus fleet

Bergamo is the first Italian city with a fully electric public road transport line equipped with digital bus shelters. On the 3rd of February a new line of completely electric buses has been launched. It crosses the city and it has been planned and implemented by the local transport agency ATB. 

In the new C line there are 12 fully electrical buses equipped with 180 km of daily charge. The route, partially preferential, crosses the city center, linking peripheral districts and in connection with other means of transport: bike sharing, tram, the other ATB lines and parking lots.

The line is equipped with 16 "smart" shelters provided with smart devices and latest-generation connectivity services. An investment of 7 million euros for mobility and public transport: 5.4 million from ATB, 1.3 million from the Lombardy Region and 300 thousand euros from the Municipality of Bergamo.

The goal of Line C is to improve service standards, accessibility to central areas, connections with peripheral areas and integration with the entire urban network.

Today, thanks to the new Line C, Bergamo is at the forefront in Italy and in Europe. The electric vehicles of ATB - buses, funiculars and trams - reach 40% of the fleet, and considering also those traveling on methane (25.7%), the overall percentage of services offered at low or zero environmental impact rises to over 65%.