Transport systems in central Europe often show a lack of integration between modes of transport, resulting in weak local, regional and transnational accessibility. Disparities in appropriate connections within and among centres of urbanisation often contribute to an unbalanced territorial development.

The overall goal of SHAREPLACE was to develop an innovative approach to improve the connectivity of local, regional and transnational mobility systems. SHAREPLACE will be open to all types of passenger transport services and target groups.

Initial development and testing was carried out in five pilot regions: Bergamo, Crema (both Italy), Osijek (Croatia), Ulm (Germany) and Zalaegerszeg (Hungary). By implementing living labs and actively engaging stakeholders, transferable solutions for a more integrated, accessible and harmonised mobility system in five central European regions were designed. These solutions are supported by innovative business models and strategic guidelines for policymakers and planners. 

After three years, the SHAREPLACE project ended. The learnings and experiences cover the co-design process, development and testing of innovative solutions, and the potentials of integrated mobility under different perspectives (planning, governance, technology and market). During the project we had the chance to learn about open source solutions developed within the project and their replicability in different mobility strategies and networks.

The five pilot regions planned, implemented and evaluated different services, like carpooling, bike sharing and DRT. In addition to the services themselves, the implementation of multimodal trip planning was a focus in the project.

We learned what is necessary to engage different stakeholders, how open source solutions can be developed and how new mobility services can be integrated in existing strategies.


Project end

After three years our project SHAREPLACE came to an sucessful end. If you are looking for solutions for an integrated and sustainable mobility system, have a look at our outputs and deliverables further down the page. In case of any questions contact our lead partner.


Past news and events

In our archive you can find all past news about our project activities.

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pilot region Osijek

Osijek is working on the development of guidelines for the implementation of DRT bus service and the implementation of a multimodal trip planning service.


pilot region zalaegerszeg

Find out more about the local pilot activities in Zalaegerszeg. 

Actions will be taken building on existing DRT systems and carpooling. 


Pilot region Zalaegerszeg

pilot region ulm

Ulm as one of our pilot regions is working on pilots like ulmrouting and OpenBike.

They take important steps for the collection, processing and usage of mobility data. 


pilot region bergamo

Get to know the pilot region Bergamo and its local actions on Carpooling and DRT systems to improve the accessibilty of the local unversity campuses.


Pilot Region Crema

From bycicle sharing system to a call-a-bus service, Crema offers a bundle of innovative transport services.

Here you can find more information on Crema and the local pilot actions.



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