Pilot region OSIJEK

Pilot region Osijek

Osijek – Baranja County belongs to Pannonian Basin with a significant influence of the rivers Danube and Drava and is mostly consisted of lowlands. Because of the impact of these two rivers, especially Danube affecting the water level of Drava, a unique wetland area of Kopački rit (north of the City of Osijek) was created.

The City of Osijek is the centre of Osijek – Baranja County and one of four macro-regional centres in the Republic of Croatia. It is also a gravitational point of the entire Eastern Croatia (Slavonija, Baranja and Srijem), a region where 84.9% of settlements face depopulation.

In local terms, the City of Osijek is also a centre of Osijek Urban Agglomeration (OSUA). The territory of the agglomeration is formally defined using the criteria of more than 15% share of daily migrations to the City of Osijek, which makes OSUA the functional area most appropriate for urban transport planning and development.  

Pilot actions in Osijek

Bus DRT pilot element

The implementation framework for DRT bus service in Croatia does not exist at all. Regarding that, the aim of this pilot was to identify the conditions and obstacles for the implementation of this kind of services and to propose development guidelines and recommendations.

Multimodal trip planner pilot element

The aim of this pilot was to test the multimodal trip planning service, which includes national railway transport and urban public transport (bus and tram), as well as FlixBus GTFS database with the possibility of future integration of bike and car-sharing services.
The multimodal trip planer for Osijek is available here.

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