Pilot region BERGAMO


Pilot region Bergamo

Bergamo province is located in the middle of Lombardy, economically the most important region in Italy. Bergamo is an Italian province of 1.100.000 inhabitants and 242 communities and it’s the third most populous centre of the region after Milan and Brescia. Bergamo is only 30 minutes by car from Milan and has a socio-demographic structure characterized by the presence of most of the inhabitants in the main town, which determines and influences the high degree of urbanization.  

Pilot actions in Bergamo


The development of a carpooling service should allow staff and students of the University of Bergamo on the one hand to cover the last mile transport or rather the connection between the public transport services on a regional and local scale and the different campuses, on the other hand to increase the intermodality of journeys thanks to the diffusion of the Park & Ride practice, or sharing the journey to the main interchange car parks present in Bergamo and Dalmine, to use then the services of local public transport or shared mobility present here for reaching university locations. 
Furthermore, the extension of the service also to the employees of the Municipality of Bergamo will allow them to achieve important results in reducing individual transport costs, rewarding virtuous users, encouraging them to use the vehicle in a shared way, thus contributing on the front line both to the reduction of city traffic and to the reduction of pressure on the already congested parking areas in the municipal area.

DRT System

The second pilot includes a DRT system with the bus company ATB Consorzio S.c.r.l. on the route between the Bergamo railway station, the University of Bergamo - Caniana headquarters, the Bricoman car park of Dalmine and the University of Bergamo - Dalmine headquarters.  The introduction of this service has the objective to increase the accessibility of the university by connecting two important strategic urban mobility hubs to the campuses: the intermodal node of Marconi Square of Bergamo (where the flows coming from the Bergamo railway station, the Bergamo-Albino tramway station, the terminal of the local public road transport lines and from some shared mobility services already active in the area including bike sharing station based and free floating and car sharing) and Bricoman car park in the area of Dalmine.

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