COBRO – Polish Packaging Research Institut

COBRO – Packaging Research Institute is a research institute with experience in testing of primary, secondary and tertiary (transport) packaging, taking into account its eco-design, full value chain and life cycle. COBRO, established in 1973 through transformation of the Polish Packaging Centre, operating since 1953, is a self-supporting institution reporting to the Polish Ministry of Economy. COBRO provides high-tech test laboratories as well as the equipment for pilot production of packaging and packaging materials. COBRO co-operates with many foreign research organisations. It is a member of the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI), the World Packaging Organization (WPO) and European Bioplastics. It is also a member of Polish Chamber of Packaging. Scope of activities: Research & development – statutory activities for the Polish Ministry of Economy and contract work; Expertise for manufacturers and users of packaging and packaging materials; Life Cycle Assessment of packaging, packaging materials, packaging solutions and value chains of both packaging and packed products. Packaging design in line with environmental requirements and sustainability guidelines; Extensive expertise in waste management systems and legislation; Obligatory and voluntary certification; Collection and access to technical, technological, economic and marketing data; Market research of packaging industry and segments, Internal and external training.