Kemijski inštitut - National Institute of Chemistry

NIC is a leading Slovenian public research institution in the field of chemistry and related disciplines. The two main directions of research are materials and life sciences. Research is carried out in 14 laboratories and two infrastructure centres covering all major fields of chemistry. NIC has approx. 280 employees; of these 128 with doctoral degrees. Currently, 51 PhD students are being trained at NIC. NIC employees publish more than 250 scientific papers yearly and are strongly involved in national, international and EU funded projects. Research at NIC is oriented towards the development of new knowledge, technologies and products, in accordance with the Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy, National Research and Innovation Strategy, and EU level strategies. NIC offers state-of-the-art facilities of regional importance. NIC cooperates with Slovenian and foreign companies in short and long-term applied research, which is a major use of research results. Research at the Department for Polymer Chemistry and Technology is focused on sustainable polymers, polymers with special functionalities and polymer characterization. It has full spectroscopy, microscopy, chromatography and thermal analysis capability. Funding of NIC in majority (56 %) is composed of national competitive program and project funding (up to 6 years). Industrial cooperation represents approx. 17 % of the budget.