Rera SD

RERA S.D. is regional development agency established by Split-Dalmatia County (regional self-government body) for the purpose of preparation and implementation of projects related to regional development. RERA S.D. runs activities connected to support for the SMEs in different fields (agriculture, wood industry etc.): providing support in developing business plans, providing education free of charge and connecting the SME sector with R&D institutions. REA SD implements a regional (Split County level) programme on mediation between SMEs and finance agencies as well as with commercial banks to finance business development projects. Knowledge on finance schemes for innovation will be an added value in the project. RERA SD is involved in several transnational and cross-border projects where we led mainly the capitalisation and sustainability related project activities. As such RERA SD has broad experience and knowledge on how to disseminate the project results towards policy decision-makers and how to facilitate the process of incorporating the most important project outputs and initiatives into regional and national legislation. As interdisciplinary institution RERA SD cooperates closely with univeristies and research organisations. RERA S.D is not performing economic activity on the market. Activities are mainly performed under EU and national programs.