Boosting digital transformation

Digitalization is deeply affecting all industry sectors as the driver of product, service and business innovation, but also as the threat to organizations which are reluctant to change or not keeping pace with the evolving environment. Many Central European production companies are urgently searching for guidance and support to master the transformation towards Industry 4.0. These trends are not challenging only for the companies, but also for the business support organizations in need to enhance their services.
Join us to learn more about the opportunities and threats of digitalization and Industry 4.0, and how Boost4BSO project results take part in the inevitable industry transformation.

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10:00   Welcome
10:05 Meet the Boost4BSO project
Eva Breuer, Business Upper Austria
10:10 Developing innovation capacities in central Europe
Jana Valkova, Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Central Europe Programme
10:20 Transition Pathways for the digital, green and resilient transition
Ulla Engelmann, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
10:35 Digitalization of Central European SMEs: role of the business support organizations, panel discussion
Boris Golob, STEP RI science and technology park of the University of Rijeka
Eva Breuer, Business Upper Austria
Saverio D'Eredità, Friuli Innovazione
Łukasz Górecki, Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing/Katowice Special Economic Zone
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Advanced manufacturing as booster of the EU Transition Pathways
Antonio Novo Guerrero, European Clusters Alliance
11:30 Digitalization of Central European SMEs: Importance of DIHs – state-of-the-art and the perspective, panel discussion
Francesca Pozzar, Friuli Innovazione
Marco Mangiantini, MESAP Innovation Cluster
Marie Kubankova, AVO – Association of research organizations
Sophie Wiesinger, University of applied sciences Upper Austria
12:00 Coffee break
12:10 Smart & digital port
Sergej Pintar, Maritime Centre of Excellence
12:25 Digital transformation – Boost4BSO methodology and results
Boris Golob, STEP RI science and technology park of the University of Rijeka
12:40 BSO awarding ceremony
Heiko Bartschat, Cluster Mechatronics and Automation, Bayern Innovativ GmbH
12:55 Closing remarks

Eva Breuer, Business Upper Austria 

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