Budgeting of selected cross-border projects: Poland - Czech Republic

On 15th April 2020 a the first of strategic workshops on Budgeting of selected cross-border projects took place. The workshop was focused on Polish - Czech border crossings and projects related to them, including their budget allocation and its source of financing as well as timeframes and institutions responsible for the investments.
Due to general worldwide situation with COVID-19 the meeting was organised online. It was participated by Polish and Czech key stakeholders and decision-makers. After the introduction, the team of experts that is actively engaged in the development of the project, presented a brief summary of a recent workshop, where a list of key cross-border projects had been set, as well as its update, which was an effect of next discussions and exchange of information since then. The substantial part of the workshop was to exchange of knowledge and information with stakeholders, as well as data collecting. 
The results of discussions during the workshops were collected on a dedicated worksheet. After the workshop the document will be shared with all participants in order to complete missing information. Thanks to the information collected, in the effect the cross-border projects will be analysed in terms of priorities, their owners, timeframes, budget allocation and source of financing.
After all discussions were conducted and arrangements were set, the workshop was finished.