Charcoal making is the forestry management activity for the production of charcoal from wood where there are suitable natural conditions for forest economy.

Charcoal making procedure includes selection and preparation of wood, preparation of the location for charcoal making, charcoal pile making, cooking process or carbonization, related charcoal technology and appropriate working procedures, pile dismantling and charcoal storage. All kinds of timber are used by charcoal makers to make charcoal. It is used in households, trades and various industries.

The first sources on charcoal in Slovenia date back to 16th century; it was extremely important in 19th century when iron foundry and smelting were significant economic activities. Charcoal making has survived until 21st century where the knowledge about once prominent economic activity is spread by active charcoal makers and various societies and associations. Charcoal making was listed into the Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovenia in 2012.

The information and photos included in this article are from the Brochure "SLOVENIJA - THE BOVEC REGION. INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE" prepared by the Municipality of Bovec and Jarina, the Cooperative for Rural Development – ARTISTIC project partners.