Circular Economy Environmental Week

Mid-Tyrol 1-5 June 2020

The Austrian partner, Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol (ATM), held their Circular Economy week digitally, due to COVID-19 restrictions. The event included two online webinars (in cooperation with other partners and projects) and a social media awareness raising campaign. 

The Austrian CIRCE2020 project partner ATM collaborated with the Interreg Central Europe project SURFACE, which performed two online webinars on the topic of “Re-Use: Key element of a Circular Economy in Central Europe and beyond”. More than 150 international waste management experts from more than 20 European countries participated in the 2 events. Detailed information on the two events can be found here:

Social media awareness raising campaign
For a whole week the topic of Circular Economy was in the focus of the Facebook-postings of ATM. On Monday the posting focussed on an introduction on Circular Economy and the Circularity Gap Report for Austria. On Tuesday and Thursday, the two webinars (mentioned above), which were streamed live on the Facebook event page, were pushed for last-minute-participants. Tuesday the topic of foodwaste prevention as part of a circular economy was explored. And on Friday ATM´s last CIRCE2020 video on the topic of “Circular Innovation through networking” was published. 
In total more than 300 people (target group: general public and waste management actors) were reached with this awareness raising campaign.