Intercompany Knowledge  Exchange Seminar 

22nd  November 2019

On the 22nd November CircE2020 partners and pilot cases delegates met in Bassano del Grappa hosted by the Italian partners ETRA S.p.A. and ARPAV.

The day started with the visit to the ETRA’s  anaerobic digestion plant. Considering that the production and utilization of sustainable biofuel is one of the major challenges to fight transport sector environmental impacts, the team explained the production process of the biomethane.
Since 2002, in Bassano del Grappa, the dry anaerobic digester generate biogas that is exploited for electricity production. The upgrading process will substitute combined heat and power motors, removing carbon dioxide from the inflow biogas and achieving standard-compliant bio-methane. The product is exploited as Compressed Natural Gas at the service station or injected into the national grid. In particular, the first solution corresponds to the closure of the virtuous loop that starts with the collection of the organic waste and end with the biomethane injection to the truck for the collection of the same waste.
Afterwards the site visit a round table with the pilot cases delegates was organized. After a brief introduction of each participant, the moderator went through different topics to identify common constraints and possible solutions. The experience of each participant was useful to try to solve some of the problems encountered during the development of the pilot.
A networking lunch ended up the day and the international meeting.