COCO4CCI Cooperation Sprint

Innovation through cooperation: When companies from different sectors work together, they are able to the right solution for all kinds of challenges. The COCO4CCI Cooperation Sprint by HdM Stuttgart and bwcon helped to do just that! 

The Cooperation Sprint was organized by HdM Stuttgart and bwcon in January 2021 and was a compact online event format, in which players from different industries faced a common challenge and found solutions in a co-creation process using design thinking and other innovation methods.

What was it about?

The Corona pandemic continues to pose major challenges for many companies. In this Cooperation Sprint, the focus lied on the following topics and issues:

  1. Digitalization and new business models: The Corona pandemic has had devastating consequences for the cultural and creative industries, which are increasingly virtualizing their offers. But how can the digitization of offers be diversified? How can the loss of revenue be compensated? What kind of new and innovative offers can be created in the creative industries? How can these be made sustainable so that they can continue to be used even after Corona?
  2. Marketing and communication: Due to the crisis, many companies in a wide variety of industries have cut back sharply on their marketing and media activities. How can these companies hold their own against competitors who have invested the same or even more in advertising and communications as before? How can companies' marketing budgets, which have been cut back due to the pandemic, be used sensibly so that sales remain stable? How can companies adapt their communications during the crisis to increase their attractiveness?
  3. Further training and digital skills in everyday work: New digital business models and new technologies such as AI and robotics require employees with new skills. How can companies ensure that their employees meet the challenge of digitalization through new learning and training concepts? How can companies integrate continuous learning into everyday work?

With their participants, the two project partners worked on creating new ideas and solutions for these challenges using Design Thinking and other innovation methods. Additionally, they paved the way for further cooperation between AVM and CCI by using a co-creation canvas and profiles of each participant for future matching possibilities.