Creative collaborations for the future - Drivers for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral innovations in Europe

Video-Recording of our final conference, May 2, 2022

The New European Bauhaus brings together citizens, experts, businesses and institutions and facilitates discussions about creating a better tomorrow. Also it mobilizes different groups like designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds across disciplines to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.

Especially when it comes to creating impact for the future, the skills and approaches of the cultural and creative industries in Central Europe are highly valuable. They have a great potential to link up with other industry sectors and boost economic and social development by empowering innovation processes with creative inputs.

The online conference „Creative collaborations for the future – drivers for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral innovations in Europe“ introduced The New European Bauhaus and showcased creative approaches and cross-sectoral innovations in Europe in the context of our project COCO4CCI. 

Watch the full video-recording of the conference here: