Podcast-Series: Creativity4Circularity

In cooperation SBA and CIKE developed a podcast series on Circular Economy and 6 articles from these podcasts are to be created in Slovak and English. 

Two of the English versions are already available: 

  • Innovation in times of crisis. Can sustainability and creativity be the way forward? In the following interview, an expert on innovation, Ján Uriga, discussed creativity and innovation in the context of the ongoing crisis. How can we adapt innovation to customer needs? Do companies need to innovate? The article and link to the podcast can be found here: https://www.cike.sk/en/innovation-in-times-of-crisis-can-sustainability-and-creativity-be-the-way-forward/ 
  • Technologies for a sustainable future and their adoption in business: According to the innovator Jan Uriga, today’s world has forced those who do not believe in technology’s power to start using it. In the following interview, you will learn which technologies are key to a sustainable future and implement the circular economy. Can creativity be combined with technology? The article and link to the podcast can be found here: https://www.cike.sk/en/technologies-for-a-sustainable-future-and-their-adoption-in-business/
  • Blockchain and 3D printing as technologies for a sustainable future: Matej Korytár founded companies TVAROCH and Rapidnext, which deals with serial 3D printing and design. Andrej Cabaj is a trained mechanic of numerically controlled machines; he has been working in blockchain technologies and design of the mechanical parts of the Bunkeroid for several years. We talked with them about blockchain, 3D printing, and their contribution to a sustainable future. https://www.cike.sk/en/blockchain-and-3d-printing-as-technologies-for-a-sustainable-future/
  • Circular economy as a new opportunity for companies: Andrea Orság is the co-founder of MissionC, a strategic consulting firm based in Amsterdam, which aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy globally. She is a consultant with many years of experience in risk management, strategy, and change management. She regularly acts as an anchorwoman, facilitator, and speaker in areas related to the circular economy and sustainability. We talked about the circular economy. https://www.cike.sk/en/circular-economy-as-a-new-opportunity-for-companies/
  • Circular design and biomimicry: František Tóth is a freelance designer interested in a product, furniture, and lighting design. He is the co-founder of the Biocultivator startup, which received the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, where the Biocultivator concept was selected from seven finalists from around the world. Also, he received the People’s Choice Award, was selected as a finalist for the Startup Awards Slovakia in the Art & Design category, and won the OpenMarker project. https://www.cike.sk/en/circular-design-and-biomimicry/
  • Service design for a better customer experience: Adam Brocka is a co-founder of the kiuub innovation studio. He works as a business designer and helps companies create new products and services, improve the customer experience, and solve innovation challenges. He gained experience as an Uplift project manager, the startup accelerator; he led innovation and incubation programs for the Impact Hub in Bratislava. His work focuses on innovation, service design, and social entrepreneurship. https://www.cike.sk/en/service-design-for-better-customer-experience/