Guideline & Videos: Intellectual Property for Creative Collaborations

Usually there are no limits to creativity. Except in law. If you - as a creative professional - are regularly collaborating with companies from different industries, you should be aware of the legal framework and statutory provisions for intellectual property.

In this guideline, attorneys Katharina Bisset and Michael Lanzinger, collectively known as the Nerds of Law, explain - from an Austrian perspective - what you should know in terms of copyright, trademark and patent law when it comes to cooperative ventures - including three videos. 


  • The origins of copyright
  • Copyright does not equal intellectual property rights
  • What is protected by intellectual property rights?
  • Who is the author?
  • Contractual regulations for collaborations
  • Exploitation rights and licenses
  • Creative Commons and Open Source
  • Trademark rights
  • Patent law

In three additional videos, the Nerds of Law, Katharina Bisset and Michael Lanzinger, explain the most important issues regar- ding copyright and intellectual property in short words:

Video #1: Five epic fails to make in IPR: In this video, Katharina Bisset shows, how you should NOT approach intellectual property rights and copyright - Caution: ironical content! -->

Video #2: Five important things to think of in IPR: Michael Lanzinger complements the ironic contribution of his colleague with actual tips in terms of IPR. -->

Video #3: Things to keep in mind to protect your IPR when cooperating: Michael Lanzinger gives some more tips about how to collaborate and what to think of to protect your intellectual property. -->