Time to innovate: Service design

Summary of the Info Day in Slovenia

The society we live is constantly changing, we face challenges such as climate change, growing population, urban growth, the need for energy… All these changes are reflected in the business world, politics and legislation. The business environment of companies is thus becoming increasingly demanding and competitive, and requirements are being transferred to the company. On the other hand, society and individuals and customers are increasingly educated and aware, they want to know what they are buying and they have ever-increasing demands on products, which in turn poses a growing problem for companies to survive in the market. It is therefore extremely important for companies to identify threats and to know the wishes and requirements of the market, users or customers and transfer them to business processes in the company and products. It is crucial for companies to become open to innovation and to be able to recognize it.

The answer to these requirements can be "service design", where the key is to connect the industry with the creative industry, which opens new insights to companies with their different thinking. With the planning of processes in the company, all situations from the planning of services/products step by step, and these are adapted to the user's needs, so that the user gets the best possible experience.

On June 11th 2020, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia organized an Info day in form of webinar, mainly for the manufacturing companies, entitled “Time to innovate: Service design”. The aim of the webinar was to present to attendees what service design is and to encourage them to start thinking about this process and to invite them to take part of the project.

The workshop showed, that companies on one side:

  • do not know how to tackle the service design method
  • they think they don’t have enough time and money
  • they are doing just fine now and are sceptic about business process transformation

and on the other side, the companies believe that by introducing service design to their business:

  • they would gain new customers,
  • it would have a positive impact on increasing their business,
  • their customers would be more satisfied with the product/service,
  • they would gain competitive advantage,
  • they could enter new markets,
  • etc.

24 attendees participated the webinar, although there were 40 applications, among them mostly representatives of manufacturing and service companies and other establishments.