Info Day in Poland - the first edition of a series of meetings

Date: September 30, 2020 - Location: Academy of Art in Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland

The Info Day COCO4CCI in Poland, due to the situation related to COVID-19, was designed as a series of online and offline meetings that will take place in October and November.

The inaugural meeting took place on September 30, 2020. The event was opened by the presentation of the COCO4CCI project by dr. Magdalena Małachowska, COCO4CCI project manager from Academy of Art in Szczecin. In this part the cooperation collider, with particular focus on the upcoming call for CCI for the pilot action was presented. The audience consisted of representatives of the CCI, AVM and representatives of regional authorities and institutions.

Then an interactive survey was conducted among the participants of the meeting. Concerning the awareness and types of cooperation between CCI and AVM, regional policy, directions of development as well as mutual perception between industries.

The culminating point was Zuzanna Skalska's lecture entitled "Legacy. Let's Care for Our Heritage", extremely inspiring, just like Skalska herself, which inspires leaders and decision makers to innovate uncompromisingly by transcending the perspectives of multipolar complexity. He acts as an advisor on Strategic Trends in the field of innovation for enterprises, public institutions and non-governmental organizations. Her passionate approach and commitment motivate companies to act immediately.

The event was organized with severe COVID-19 restrictions. A limited number of registered participants were admitted to the site.