Info Day in Austria - Architecture meets Industry

Networking Event in Steyr for Creative Professionals to connect and further develop cooperations with Companies

The info day in Steyr on the 25th of September 2020 was part of a bigger event, called OPEN STUDIOS STEYR, which aimed at interested parties in and around the creative industries.

The event was originally designed as a three-day event with multiple stages / studios to visit / architecture to encounter and generally to get to know the creative side of Steyr. Due to Covid-19 the entire event was shortened into a one-day event.

COCO4CCI had the chance to present and talk about the potential of collaborations between creatives and AVMs (especially in the context of (advanced) architecture) at the “Stadtspaziergang” (town walk), which consisted at two parts:

  1. Presentations by the two architects involved in the new district development and COCO4CCI presentation by Gabriel Gruber of Business Upper Austria
  2. Guided walk through the district, where the COCO4CCI team could talk with the 33 participants (CCI and interested parties, whose focus revolved around architecture and creative industries) in detail about the goals and processes within the project and future cooperations. 

A professional video was made during the event, highlighting the importance of collaborations between CCI and AVM - to be watched on YouTube: