On-the-go development of managerial skills

Gamification in management

The Challenge: 

innogy — #1 gas supplier in the Czech republic, is a modern energy company with 1.7 million customers and 4.200 people workforce. The company underwent a transformation and introduced lean principles. A change of this magnitude required managers to change their approach in managing subordinates. The challenge for the team of Luducrafts was to effectively help managers apply new competencies. 

The Results:

After a couple of workshops, Luducrafts came up with a gamified solution: a mobile app that enables regular, daily, but not time-demanding interactions. Every workday, the user receives a push notification, informing him/her that there is a task-of-the-day to be completed. 


In the mobile app, there are no wrong/right answers. These interactions are simple reality checks/nudges that make them reflect on their own routine. 


The majority of the content refers to practices that might be new to managers. Thanks to daily push messages, users become familiar with the activities, which are backed by two sentence examples, which they can easily project into their own routine. As a result, the manager has this development tool in his/her pocket and can work on his/her development anytime – even when waiting in queue in a cafeteria. 


  1. More than 80% of the target group has downloaded and used the app
  2. More than 230 suggestions for practice improvement
  3. Increase in the awareness of company’s new strategy
  4. The feedback on the app is very positive and the client decided to use it for other purposes as well as for a different target audience.