Online information for CCI and AVM

The project partners are constantly developing content to integrate into their own webportals for awareness raising among CCI on the opportunities to work with companies that are active in advanced manufacturing (AVM).

The information on the partners websites will e.g. include the following materials: 

Checklist "cooperation readiness": We decided to transform the checklists into a more accessible format and created two flowcharts.

Brochure encouraging CCI and AVM collaboration:  We established "the whole brainer" concept. It describes how the skills of left-brainers (AVM) and right-brainers (CCI) could become a "whole brain" to develop something new.

Online quiz: We developed a gamified approach to getting to know the CCI sector and created a quiz, which every partner can integrate in its own website, asking questions like "How many people in the EU are employed in the CCI sector?" or "What are the main customers of CCI companies?" or "Where do people get the most creative ideas?" 

Note: Each partner will translate and integrate a regional version of the materials.