On December 12th, 2017, the Maritime Museum of Piran organized the presentation of the COME-IN! Guidelines, for greater accessibility of museums to all, including people with disabilities. Representatives of interested organizations for people with disabilities and local communities attended the presentation. The director, Mr. Franco Juri, museum councilor Ms. Snježana Karinja and Ms.vNatalie Finkšt, presented the project, the guidelines and the experience of working in the museum as a person with cerebral palsy. In an interesting discussion that followed the presentations, participated representatives of the associations, experts, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Izola Mr. Gregor Perič and the Director of the Center for communication, hearing and speech Portorož, Mr. Marko Strle, who is also the associate partner of the project. All speeches were translated into sign language with the help of the Association of deaf and hearing impaired of South Primorska Region.