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Museums are places where everyone should be able to see and learn about our cultural heritage. However, many museums in Central Europe, encounter difficulties to be accessible for all due to a lack of organisational knowledge and of limited financial resources, both for investments and adequate promotion.

Cooperating for open access to museums towards a wider inclusion (COME-IN!) tackled this by increasing the capacities of small- and medium-sized museums making them accessible to a wider public of people with different kinds of disabilities. The project achieved this change through its COME-IN! Guidelines, the training handbook for museum operators followed by 7 pilot actions and training sessions to museums operators.

Based on the experience gained, COME-IN! introduced an innovative promotional tool, the COME-IN! Label to award museums complying with accessibility standards

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Taking Cooperation Forward

After more than three years of cooperation, the COME-IN! partnership has brought to life tangible results to improve access to European cultural heritage and equal opportunities for all. The COME-IN! Guidelines, elaborated to allow museum operators to cross-check the different dimensions of accessibility throughout the service chain; the Handbook for Museum operators to guide museums and galleries on how to train their staff and to design and organise accessible exhibitions, and the COME-IN! Label as an internationally recognised tool for promoting accessibility. All our instruments are accessible and downloadable on our website. The next call for applying to the COME-Label will be published soon - stay tuned!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our lead partner. We will be happy to share the knowledge acquired thanks to this cooperation.

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Label presented in Ljubljana

The Municipality of Piran organised an event at the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana to present the COME-IN! Label. Particular thanks to Mrs. Nussdorfer, counselor of the Slovenian president and Vida Koporc Sedej from the Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture for supporting our project. 

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