Contest on Crowdfunding Hub Logo

On-line contest

Remember the Crowd-Funding-Hub-challenge? It was about creating a place that is all about Crowdfunding,  sharing ideas and getting creative together. Now it is time to take it one step further and create a logo, slogan and word brand for this place. To collect many inspiring ideas, we have started a new idea contest!

What to think about before you get started

First of all think about the category you want to choose. Do you want to create a logo, word brand or slogan? Or all three of them?

If you decide you create a word band and slogan, have in mind that there will be 9 Crowd-Funding-Hubs in 9 different countries, so your idea should be adaptable for those countries. If you want to create a logo, think about a black and white version, would it still suit your design?

You will find more information in the contest description, and even more important: There you will find more inspiration to get started!

How to join the contest

If you want to be a part of the contest, your first step is to register. This contest is supported by the idea platform “Neurovation”. Before you share your idea, take a few seconds to become a part of the creative Neurovation-community by clicking on “register” in the right corner. Then share your idea! Click on “submit your idea” and choose a category. We are looking forward to your design!

Logo contest