Analysis and comparison of
different remediation methods and related costs

The pilot area interested by the Pilot Action delivered by the Municipality of Celje is the Old Cinkarna brownfield site, located in the city.

  • Characteristics of the brownfield:
    • The Old Cinkarna brownfield site has a size of 17 ha reflecting different types of degradation
    • It constitutes around 1% of the city area and it is the biggest contaminated area in the city
    • The pilot site was used by metallurgical-chemical company Cinkarna Celje
    • In the late 1980‘s, it was left abandoned and unrevitalized
    • 100 % city ownership

  • Main issues/problems:
    • Contaminated soil with heavy metals and mineral oils. They can surface during construction and excavation works as wastes, which may contain hazardous substances
    • Estimates of buried industrial waste and tar pits
    • Estimates of buried reservoirs and underground drainage technology
    • Lack of information/research on soil contamination in depth and groundwater in the area
    • High costs for remediation

  • Needs and Goals:
    • Gain substantial information about soil and groundwater contamination
    • Test the effectiveness and cost of selected decontamination method
    • Provide a protocol procedure for dealing with non-hazardus brownfield waste

  • Activities, achievements and results:
    Three different methods for the remediation of contaminated soil were succesfully tested in the Old Cinkarna sites by the Municipality of Celje with the purpose of establishing the most effective ones in terms of costs and environmental impact:
    • remediation with immobilization,
    • remediation with cold recycling,
    • preparation of suitable mixture of organic-mineral substrate.
      The tested methods proved to be effective and useful in the pilot area, that the local community intends to develop and urbanise in the future.
      The results from the testing were collected in a publications to be disseminated among stakeholders. Moreover a protocol for the disposal of non-hazardous waste, focusing on excavations in the FUA area and in the area of Stara Cinkarna, was drafted, including organizational and technical measures for the proper handling of these types of waste. 

  • Involvement of stakeholders:
    Local stakeholders were involved in the implementation of the Pilot Action: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, national and local non-governmental institutions, local public service providers.

    PIlot Action Report