Cultural heritage reflects great diversity and togetherness

It was a great pleasure to meet more than 250 stakeholders and interested people from Vulkanland region during the meeting - "Glatt - Verkehrt, Kraut einschneiden und Besen binden" - Intangible Cultural Heritage in Steirisches Vulkanland.


On the 18th October, 2019 during the meeting, Our Partner presented the strategy of our ARTISTIC Project, did workshop, learnt some old skills and gained some abilities, and had two impulses about the social added value of tradition from Vulkanland.


Under the claim of "What is there to inherit? What have cabbage cut and broom ninding to do with cultural identity?" they devote one day to the theme of Intangible Heritage.


With this event, Our Project Partner, wanted to inform about the Project, show the diversity and uniqueness of all skills and abilities, as well as make aware that many people deal with the cultural heritage.


In addition, it should be an incentive for others to be interested in and to lend a hand.