Flower farm - the place where nature is green..

Mr. And Mrs. Vrhel own a farm in the south of Bohemia and they want it to live and serve.

Mr. And Mrs. Vrhel:
Gradually, honestly and, if possible, without subsidies, build a self-sufficient organic farm that we hope will feed us over time.

We start by building Kytkofarma with flowers, which our grandmothers have already enjoyed. A place where we will consider the bouquet of your dreams. A place where you can harvest strawberries from your own flower bed after work. A place where you will spend a pleasant day on non-traditional teambuilding or paint a picture. A place where you recharge your batteries and relax. Just a place where you lie down on the grass and just turn off.

We are the first to plan to build a greenhouse and repair the apiary. Then we would like to start building barrier-free apartments for guests. With this campaign, we would like to raise money for the construction of a greenhouse at the beginning.

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