“We create the show of Diversamente in Danza - you are the protagonist”:
“There is no snowflake like the other
Yet when they come down from heaven dancing in harmony, everything is tinged with white and magic”.


We want to tell you our story. The story of how it all started and let you experience our magic.
We want to have a project to cultivate, so to see the light at the bottom of this quarantine.

We want to create the show "Punte di Gesso. Fiocchi di Neve" which was scheduled to debut in this period. The show, inspired by the fairy tale published by Silvia de Meis, narrates the story of the project  “Diversamente in Danza” that includes more than 100 dancers. Dance allows to overcome the limits; the diversity becomes a creative resource and the passion unites all the dancers, creating friendships beyond prejudice.”

The script is ready, the actresses have already learned it. Before the whole world stopped, they were already working on choreography. Everyone is practicing from home. The sound engineer in his studio is continuing to work on audio montages. The costume designer continues alone, but constant in her work of creating clothes.

“Why does this dream is important for us?
Being deprived of their routine and relational network is destabilizing, especially the most fragile people. Having a goal, a dream, is good for everyone. Every week our dancers receive videos with tutorials in order to continue practicing the show even at home. And we know that everyone is working hard. For them it is a stimulus to move, not to think about fear, a way to feel less alone and to pass the time serenely.

Why does this dream is important for you?
The show will change your perspective on disability. In an era where digital technology can reproduce or even create perfect shapes and movements in high resolution, art asks us to search for something new, true and original. In unique, real, imperfect bodies, but at the same time bearers of a very high emotional and expressive charge, it is possible to reopen the eyes of an audience now accustomed to perfection and bored by virtuosity.”

As the dance show "Punte di Gesso. Fiocchi di Neve" cannot be performed now, the association is scheduling it in December 2020. They want to create a bigger and more beautiful on, but they need to reach € 5,000.00 to cover the cost of renting the theater and renting the technical equipment.
The donation on the crowdfunding campaign


“We are children, girls and boys, women, mothers, dreamers, people who want to stay together and have fun. We are the dancers of "Diversamente in Danza". We are more than 100 and each one is different from the other: unique and special. Once a week we meet to dance together, starting from our diversity to create performances and shows, where the limit is not an obstacle but a creative resource.
This project was born in 2003, from Giorgia Panetto's mind and now involves a dozen collaborators, 6 dance schools in the province of Verona and 113 members.

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