“Dynamic Light” is the transnational project involving 16 partners from seven different Central European countries, the various partners are cooperating in the project to investigate and evaluate typical lighting situations in the respective municipalities. The project has developed parameters for lighting control that reflect the social needs and demands of the user. These parameters have then been implemented across eight pilot installations across Central Europe. This will help in combining the technical aspects o lighting with the urban planning concerns in order to fully exploit the technological possibilities. At the core of these activities lie the aim to optimize the lighting design of public spaces by means of dynamic light to create liveable and usable urban spaces whilst reducing energy consumption, limiting light pollution and supporting a sustainable public space.

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Taking cooperation forward

After 3 years of cooperation our project came to a successful end. Our goal in optimizing the lighting design of spaces through dynamic light to create habitable and usable urban spaces reducing energy consumption, limiting light
pollution and supporting a sustainable public space was fulfilled, and we hope to continue the development being supported by relevant organizations. If you are looking to implement dynamic light in your community, you will find useful tools in our outputs.

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Past news, events & more

In our archive you can find all past activities and news about our project. During three years, we organized a series of international and national trainings, conferences, meetings, documentation of which including the training materials can be also found in the archive. For more information about our results visit our output gallery further down the page, or do not hesitate to get in touch with our lead partner if you are looking for something specific.

Also you can find further content in our YouTube Channel.

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Dynamic light

Start Date

1 June 2016

End Date

31 May 2019

Project Partners

Project Dynamic Light has 16 partners from 7 central European countries.