The Dynamic Light project created a set of tools varying between manuals, guidelines, tool-kits, and handbooks for designers, technicians, urban planners, civic authorities, municipalities from any region or territory, enabling them to develop dynamic lighting strategies for their particular region or territory or type of location. These wide range of tools  are valid and easily modified for individual regions and territories. In the process, the materials also discuss concepts like human needs, light pollution, adverse effects to Flora & Fauna alongside issues like light quality, energy and cost savings.

Delivery date                 Tool

May 2019                         Dynamic Light: Towards Dynamic, Intelligent and Energy Efficient Public Lighting, 
                                           Project Overview and Pilot actions

Jan 2019                           Report on User Acceptance

Dec 2018                          Guidelines for urban planners

Dec 2018                          Course curricula and training materials

Jul 2018                             Handbook about interpretation of EN13201

Mar 2018                          Manual on transferable technical solutions

Nov 2017                          Manual on dynamic lighting and social needs

Nov 2017                          GIS-databases for municipalities

Oct 2017                           Guidelines on finding suitable financial model