Revive of the climate day 2017 in the Hanseatic city of Rostock

NEWs 12.10.17

Every year in September, the Climate Action Day takes place in the framework of the “European Mobility Week”. A busy street in the centre of Rostock was car-free on this day and could be used by the citizens in many different ways. The third Climate Action Day took place on the 10th of September 2017. The city of Rostock was among several others organisations, dealing with the topics of environment and climate, an exhibitor at the event. 

As a part of the event, the project “Dynamic Light” was also presented, questionnaires for assessing acceptance of dynamic lighting was issued and the opinion on the future lighting concept was asked. The visitors also had the chance to share their opinion by placing coloured stickers at two posters. 

The first poster was devoted to ecological, environmental, safety-related and regulatory topics. All these items were then connected to the issue of creating a new public lighting concept. The majority of the participants considered the environment as a very good reason for a new lighting system in the city. 38 citizens posted their sticker here and showed, that they take care about the health of animals and humans. 

The second poster was devoted to dynamic lighting for the city. In this case, 82 citizens of Rostock would prefer to dim the public lighting during the night. Just 5 citizens were against it, while 2 weren't sure about this item. Altogether, 263 visitors voted for a new lighting for the Hanseatic City Rostock. For "Dynamic Light" these votes show very important and useful information. The results will be used by the project for developing a new and better lighting concepts for Europe. The projects thanks to all climate day 2017 visitors for their participation in the poster survey.