Integration of Dynamic Lighting into EN 13201 and Related Regulations

CE452 Dynamic Light develops a strategy to faciliate the integration of dynamic lighting into EN 13201 and existing related regulations. The strategy describes the origin of the Technical Report CEN/TR 13201-1:2014 “Road lighting - Part 1: Guidelines on selection of lighting classes” as a result of the work of European committee for standardization founded in 1961. The structure of the CEN/TC 169 “Light and Lighting” with its 14 working groups is explained.

In the current version of CEN/TR 13201-1 it is not clearly defined, which method should be used to determine the lighting class for streets. Therefore, there is a need for harmonization to keep road safety and security at an appropriate level for all road users travelling through Europe.

To integrate dynamic lighting into this European standard, the selection procedures to categorize streets and corresponding street lighting should be re-considered by experts and discussed in national and European standardization bodies to come to a consensus.

Read the current version of the strategy here.

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