ECOS4IN in the thematic roundtable meeting of projects addressing Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Project ECOS4IN was invited by the Joint Secretariat of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE to participate in the thematic roundtable meeting of projects addressing topics related to Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 as well as Digitalization to share and discuss the most relevant outputs and results of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects with thematically related projects of our programme community.         

The roundtable meeting was organized on 29th  April 2021 and was bring together representatives of running projects, that aim at strengthening  innovation capacity of their regions. The addressed projects develop, among others, approaches and services enhancing innovation performance of businesses operating in various sectors (including Advanced Manufacturing) and facilitate their response to challenges of 4th Industrial Revolution and digital transformation.   

The roundtables meeting aimed for the highest possible interaction among participants. All projects presented one pre-selected output (a pilot, a strategy, a platform, etc.), for which they see most potential for coordination or synergies with thematically similar projects. 

The meeting was an excellent opportunity for sharing and discussing project outputs, results and good practices with peers in other Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects. During this session, participants had the chance to present a highlight from project, find out what other projects are working on, and discuss with them possible synergies and common challenges.