Event for presenting the Project Strategy in Verona  

On 4th September, 2019 the EVENT FOR PRESENTING THE PROJECT STRATEGY took ploace in Verona and was organized and conducted by Project's Lead Partner - t2i technology transfer and innovation, in collaboration with the Culture and Tourism Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona.


During the meeting, t2i Project Manager, presented he objectives of the ARTISTIC project and presented the ARTISTIC strategy for the enhancement of intangible cultural capital, realised by the University of Hamburg, in collaboration with the project partners.


It was pointed out  that in September the activities related to the project will be continued, with the hospitality of a group of 10 cultural operators from countries of project partners, and with the selection of business ideas that, after being accompanied to preparation of the Business Plan will be able to access funding campaigns through crowdfunding campaigns. Events aimed at operators and the public on the theme of starting up and financing business ideas will also be implemented in the coming months as well.


The workshop ended with the intervention of UNESCO ICH Facilitator and technical consultant of AGA Associazione Giochi Antichi, who highlighted the concrete effects of the intangible cultural heritage on the territory in terms of safeguarding traditions, knowledge and cultures and as an opportunity for local development.