Energy efficient administrative building in Cakovec

In Croatia was installed several solutions for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy system (RES) to the public accessible and high frequented office building of REDEA Regional development agency. They demonstrate how to increase EE in office building and further exploit RES.

Pilot measures include installation of:

- Smart-metering system for all energy sources (electricity, gas, heat) and water that are used in the building, also including monitoring, implementation of alarm systems and partially control of energy and water consumption in entire building - realtime measurement and management;
- Lightning system based on LED technology with new luminaires in all rooms and corridors in the building, controllers and managing devices (switch sensors) that ensure partially control of lightning;
- Solar collector system (solar collector, solar pump station with pump, fittings and safety devices, controller, solar heat exchange tank, heat transfer fluid, heat dissipation) for hot water and heating support on the building roof and connection to existing heating system − which is adjusted for use in connection with solar system;
- Office application and steering technology for increasing EE by smart solutions.