Entribu is a platform with crowd-generated content repository functions: it allows both public or private access to resources and a precise search experience, in order to find the material that best meets the needs of the users. 

Entribù has been established by T2I (Leader Partner of ARTISTIC project) in past projects fostering start up activities.  Entribù is a repository  and an organizer of useful information the web offers about start up coaching, training, financing opportunities, best practices, storytelling models - and so on. Entrepreneurs and Startuppers willing to find out answers to problems/questions find in Entribù materials and success cases able to help them. They can also share their experiences and contribute in order to create a community of practice. Entribù is a Multilanguage platform: authomatically it is switched to the language of the browser, otherwise the default language is English.

Main objectives of ENTRIBU’

 The main aims of this platform are:

  1. to support start-ups so that they are able to face the initial challenges of collecting and selecting information from fonts validated by peers, regarding economic, bureaucratic, financial and marketing issues;
  2. to provide services & tools to start ups and would-be entrepreneurs, about IPR Intellectual Property Rights protection, communications strategies, financing opportunities and so on ;
  3. to support the co-creation of valuable content by a crowdsourcing approach, that allows the constant updating of contents.

The value of a crowdsourcing approach

 The richness and accessibility of an online content and the great variety of experiences related to the start-up issues create "communities of practices" that, thanks to a "crowdsourcing" environment, can increase the collaboration & favour the exchange of information and contents.

Crowdsourcing can be a means by which a community of practice can solve problems of data collection, avoiding a single editorial office and the difficulties of managing information workload. This approach gives  better opportunities and knowledge to be shared by people having the same goal. Moreover sharing knowledge among equals let them identify new opportunities.

You can use Entribù it is easy

 Users can upload and download contents. As expressed above, its logic is a wiki-community based. The philosophy behind is: “Do your best and link to the rest” – this means that most of the content grounds on the contribute of the community; some contents are available directly on the platform, others lead to external sources selected by the members of the community itself.