From the idea to the project - Slovakia

On April 2nd, 2019, the Trenčín Regional Chamber of Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized first part of training activity “From the Idea to the Project” as a part of the ARTISTIC project financed from the Interreg Central Europe Program.


That event was intended for those people, who are interested in thesubject of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakian region, who wanted to deepen their knowledge of promotion, marketing, funding sources, business plan creation and intellectual property protection. The aim of the training activity was to show and explain what should be taken  into account and what steps should be taken  when people want to turn their thoughts and ideas into real projects.


Participants were given tips on writing projects, applying for grants, tips on how to prepare a crowdfunding campaign and some ideas how to present their project to potential sponsors or investors. The Intangible Cultural Heritage is a very important thing in Slovakian region and should be saved as it is worth to be preserved. We can't forget about it.