Recap: SHAREPLACE final conference

If you did not have the chance to participate, here you have the chance to get an insight:

After three years, the SHAREPLACE project ended with a conference where the project partners presented the learnings and experiences. The focus of the first day was to give an overview of the project with a presentation of the goals of the project, the project partners and the pilot regions. 

The second day focused on the integrated services in the pilot regions. In parallel sessions, the pilot regions presented and discussed the different services, which were tested and implemented during the SHAREPLACE project. The services include bikesharing, ridesharing, DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) and multimodal trip planner. In the afternoon, a technical session about the implementation of Digitransit was held by the city of Ulm. The implementation of Digitransit was described step by step.

On the third day we focussed on the topic of stakeholder engagement within our living labs. We got an insight on the measures in the pilot regions. Afterwards we focussed on the topic of digitalization of mobility services and the provision of open data. In a final round, we took a look in the future of mobility in our pilot regions. 

A detailed documentation of the conference is here available.

Videos of our pilot regions and the implemented services are available on our SHAREPLACE Youtube Channel

Here you can download the recordings of the sessions from the SHAREPLACE Final Conference.